Taking care of your emotional health isn’t just something we’re talking about, it’s regularly hitting the headlines too. A recent study found that a quarter of people in their late 20s admit to having tried antidepressants, while a third have been in therapy. Money worries, work pressures, insomnia and relationship troubles were named as the top causes of stress.


There was also a great piece in the Observer recently about living with anxiety, highlighting that up to a third of the population will suffer from an anxiety disorder or a panic attack at some point in their life. It also provided some real life examples of its impact.

There’s nothing new in suffering from anxiety, stress or low mood, but what is new is that we’re talking about it more openly and starting to think about our emotional health in the same way as our physical health. If you’ve got a chest infection you go to the doctor and are prescribed antibiotics. To feel your best physically and prevent illness there are things you can do: get enough sleep, eat well, exercise etc. Looking after your emotional health is exactly the same – you can learn how to manage your mood so that you feel your best more of the time. That’s what this blog and our books are all about: simple tips to learn how to feel better, happier, healthier and calmer. We hope they help!

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