Jessamy and I are friends, neighbours and colleagues. We’ve known each other for about seven years or so now. Our partners have been pals since they were teenagers and luckily when Jess and I met we got on brilliantly straight away – lucky not only so we didn’t have to avoid each other at the pub, but also because we soon became neighbours when Jess and her family moved next door-but-one from us in North London!

We collaborated on several magazine features before Jess approached me to write a self-help book. She wanted something that would have a wide appeal to make CBT more accessible. She knew lots of the theories behind CBT were so effective they would make a huge difference to people’s lives whether or not they had a diagnosed problem. I, having written loads of health and lifestyle articles, knew there were lots of folk out there who might have never read a self-help book before (either because they were too intimidated or thought they’d be full of airy-fairy, happy clappy gibberish), but who would hugely benefit from the knowledge. I’ve had lots of great feedback on health features from people who were relieved to find something relevant to them written in a simple and entertaining format that cut out any worthy or overly-confusing medical nonsense. Why couldn’t we have this in book form? Jess and I chatted and came up with the idea of a series of books dedicated to specific areas of concern. That way you wouldn’t have to wade through reams and reams of stuff to find one tiny paragraph relevant to you, but instead know that everything inside is pertinent to what you’re going through.

It’s been a great and bizarrely easy partnership. We’re both pretty laid-back, but share the same work ethic (luckily) so there was no shouting through letterboxes demanding the next instalment. We are so excited our books are going to be out soon and hopefully helping people to feel better.